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Reviews of Barbara Ware Jazz Vocalist

Just who is this woman, this "BARBARA"
that everybody is talking about?

"Barbara Ware -- Jazz Vocalist Extraordinaire"
-- Ed Love, WDET-FM


Barbara Ware Jazz Vocalists in the Detroit area

Nominated "Outstanding Jazz Vocalist" by
Detroit Music Awards in 2008

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CD Review: "Anyplace I Hang My Hat"

"There's a wonderful and deceptive
casualness to Detroit jazz singer Barbara Ware's approach to a standard. She sidesteps histrionics like taffy-pull phrasing  and vulgar ornamentation in favor of straightforward delivery of the material that puts a premium on communicating the lyrics. Yet she is no cabaret singer. Her legato phrasing at bounce tempos swings with a relaxed confidence that's 100 percent  jazz.

Ware also has a way of opening up her vibrato on stretched-out vowels and snapping off a phraise with a biting consonant that connects her to the pulse of her trio. You  can hear this in swingers like "Remember" as well as on ballads like "Lush Life," where even the rubato introduction retains the forward momentum that mirrors pianist Cliff Monear's waterfall elaborations.

Monear has become a favorite of area singers for good reason: He has a gift for adding a melodic leading edge to his accompaniment that pushes the music into  new expressive territory without hogging the spotlight. His harmonic imagination finds rewarding new paths through "Stella By Starlight," "Lush Life" and others. Monear's lock-step trio includes bassist Nick Calandro and drummer Ennix Buchanan."

-- Mark Stryker, Free Press music critic




"Barbara's music has a pristine quality about it which brings you face to face with jazz of an era we sadly left behind... Barbara has remained true to the code of jazz and held the standard high... Barbara's music, will 'bring you to a gentle place where soft jazz is the order of the day."

--Jazz Quarterly.

CD review: "Let Me Off Uptown" -- "Jazz singer's phrasing is masterful... phrasing with characteristic restraint and saying more with a carefully placed accent than others might with a quagmire of embellishment....Ware respects the words and melodies of songs ...and the result is that her modulated but never stiff phrasing always communicates the essence of her material ..."

-- Mark Stryker, Free Press music writer

CD review: "Be Ware, It Might Be Love"-- "Detroiter Barbara Ware is an exceptional jazz singer, firmly grounded in the tradition, and employs a program of 16 well-known jazz, American pop, and Brazilian standards. She has a sweet voice - deep, rich and resonant - and a little Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn, or Chris Conner influence might be detected. With many years of experience already behind her, this amazingly is her debut recording."

Michael G. Nastos, AMG All Music Guide


"Once listeners hear Barbara Ware's voice  they won't have any problem remembering her name."

Linda Ann Chomin, Observer & Eccentric Newspapers

"Detroiter Barbara Ware trumped many by never letting her improvisatory fancy interfere with the delivery of a lyric."

Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press

"Barbara is not a shouter, and she doesn't scat....she chooses songs that tell a story or express a mood, and delivers the lyrics with feeling and finese, sophistication and dignity, always tempered with a sly smile and a touch of sass."

--Mitch Genova, Detroit Jazz Monthly

Idlewild Jazz Festival Review:
"Vocalist Barbara Ware, of Detroit, captivated the crowd with a collection of jazz standards"

Brett M. Fischbach The Lake County Star

One critic calls Barbara Ware one "... of the best jazz cabaret singers in the Motor City."

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